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Sunday, March 27, 2005

How to save America

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If we erected statues to all of our heroes, each and every town in America could have one.
In Illinois, Chester has Popeye; Metropolis has Superman.
Some people consider George Bush a hero. Now that, is a fantasy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's always Cheney. How was Memphis? (other than bad cell phone coverage) xoxoxoxoxJ

8:18 AM  
Blogger KH said...

Hi there! Your blog is great! I like the format.
Once I get a digital camera I too must add this to my blog.

Perhaps superficialy, I sense a small degree of similarity in our outlooks, from what I have read. I have been thinking I need to follow your example and go on my own voyage of self discovery. What I will find, I have no idea but I could be worth it. I will promise myself that if I am made single, I will definately shoot off for 3-4 weeks somewhere just to get my head straight.

Please pop back from time to time, I do get an enormous sense of encouragement from peoples positive feed back. I will do the same.

Keep well and good luck, Brett

1:37 PM  

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