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Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Significance of 42/24

With all the recent sunspot activity going on lately, you'd think that we'd all be looking to the skies. Not me.
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If Chicken Little is right and the sky is falling, then I need to tend to all my unfinished business. I'm caught up in locating my own place on this world.
I am present and accounted for.
For me a number like 42 turns upside down and backwards over and over again. I see it everywhere and I have for years.
The 2 in my life share a birthday on 2/24. On that day I was with them in spirit from thousands of miles away.
Liittle H asks me,
"Daddy when will you come home?" and I can only say... soon. This week I'll leave Wisconsin and start the roundabout drive across America.
A huge storm began today and the snow is starting to accumulate. Last week the same rain was falling on H in California. When the sun came out again, all was forgotten and she became a 3 year old.


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